Southern California Medical Group

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Director of Occupational Medicine: Irene Tang, MD

Director of Network & Client Relations: Fawn Asili

Orthopedic Surgery: Jonathan Frank, MD

Orthopedic Surgery: Ron Glousman, MD

Orthopedic Surgery:  Arash A. Dini, MD

Orthopedic Surgery:  Shahin Sheibani-Rad, MD

Orthopedic Spine Surgery:  Walter Burnham, MD

Orthopedic Surgery:  Shirzad Abrams, MD

Orthopedic Surgery:  David Heskiaoff, MD

Pain Management: Marina Russman, MD

Physical Therapy:  Azita Yazdani, DPT

Acupuncture:  Nell Smircina, LAc

Chiropractics:   John Hilton, DC

Office Manager:  Norma Molina

Front Office:  Denise

Back Office and Radiology Supervisor:  Cedric

 Authorizations:  Jocelin

Medical Records: Angie

Orthopedic Scheduling: Ana





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3320 South Hill Street

Los Angeles,CA 90007

Phone:  (213) 749-5386

FAX:  (213) 749-8592